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PCI Education

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is designed to keep every business owner educated on the rules and regulations of the Data Security Standards set forth by Visa and MasterCard. Every business that accepts electronic payments is required by the card issuers to be PCI Compliant.

Most card data security breaches occur at small retail locations, including land line dial terminals. How?

  • Improper storage of paper receipts and reports containing cardholder data
  • Improper care when handling a customer's credit card
  • Improper storage of card information on computer systems in an unsecured fashion
  • Improper storage of hand written credit card information
  • Improper or non-functioning firewalls between a physical dial terminal and another device that may be connected to the internet
  • Utilizing software that is not PCI compliant and is improperly storing cardholder data in an unsecured fashion
  • The use of unsecured voice over IP communication technology

For more information on Data Security Standards please visit PCI Security Standards


Benefits to being PCI compliant include

  • Waiver Benefit - $50,000 liability coverage in the event of a security breach
  • Access to TrustKeeper remote scanning services that will test the vulnerability of your network security
  • Access to a cardholder data security policy template that is to be used as a guide for creating a policy that fits the needs of your card processing abilities
  • A validation certificate that can be displayed to all customers giving them piece of mind while making a credit card transaction

For current DynaPay merchants you can access your PCI Compliance surveys by clicking on the link below. First time users need to have their merchant ID, which can be found on your statement or by calling the DynaPay office, and your Tax ID/SSN. Returning users will need their username and password that was set upon the first time you signed into the website

DynaPay PCI Compliance

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