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Processing Solutions

No matter what your electronic payment needs, DynaPay has you covered. We have solutions for Retail, Mobile, and Online electronic payment needs.

Desktop terminals

We offer a diverse range of desktop terminals to suit your needs. All terminals are fast, secure and effective for the type of processing you wish to utilize.

  • DynaPay most commonly uses but is not limited to VeriFone and Equinox
  • DynaPay offers terminals at an affordable price. We have the ability to sell and lease terminals. We will even offer custom payment plans that will suit your financial needs
  • DynaPay offers EMV capable terminals of both the contactless and insert varieties
  • You have the option to select a terminal that processes through your phone line, a modem connection, or a terminal with both
  • We also offer wireless terminals for offsite processing needs

Point of Sale Systems

Dynapay integrates with nearly all pos systems. We offer a newly released cloud based mobile checkout system.

  • You can utilize your own ipad or android tablet in a cost effective manner
  • You can access your pos system from your mobile phone while away from your storefront.
  • There is an affordable low monthly fee for access opposed to large upfront purchasing costs
  • Key demographics are restaurants, retailers, and consumer field service providers
  • Track sales, marketing, inventory and all other aspects of business through your system
  • Easily integrate inventory lists and categories from other POS systems when switching providers

DynaPay integrates with nearly all new or currently operating standalone POS systems. Most commonly offered but not limited to:

  • Micros
  • Aloha
  • Microsoft Dynamics/RMS

Check Conversion and Authorization

DynaPay can process your checks at the time of sale so you can have peace of mind that the funds are available and even save you time by depositing the funds directly to your account, saving you a trip to the bank.

  • We offer services such as Checks-By-Phone and Remote Check Deposit
  • We are able to offer upgraded services for check guarantee. The money is guaranteed and deposited whether a customer's funds are available or not.
  • We sell and lease check readers and image capture systems. Both standalone readers and readers integrated with credit card terminals

Gift Cards

You can add the ability to expand your sales through issuing gift cards to customers.

  • DynaPay has generic and personalized gift card designs to help you enhance your customer retention.
  • We have several low-priced package sizes to fit all of your volume needs.
  • We are compatible with many gift card companies so that your credit card machine can be switched to DynaPay's merchant processing without disrupting unredeemed gift cards.

Mobile Solutions

  • App Based - Download a simple app that is very user friendly and process cards right away
  • Smart Phone - DynaPay supports iPhone, Android, and Blackberry on all major networks. There is no additional equipment to purchase.
  • Tablet - DynaPay supports Apple and Android based tablets. We have an extensive list of many older and newer versions in which we are compatible
  • Wireless Terminal - DynaPay offers a battery operated credit card terminal that processes your transactions on a mobile network.


DynaPay can process your transactions through you website

  • DynaPay can integrate with your shopping cart or customized website checkout system
  • We will work directly with you website designer to implement your processing services. This saves you valuable time to focus on other business matters
  • DynaPay integrates with services so that you can process globally through IP transactions

Virtual Terminals

Turn your computer into a credit card terminal by logging onto a secure payment gateway.

  • DynaPay has several different terminals to choose from. We let you decide what features you are most happy with
  • Terminals are all user friendly and offer features such as reoccurring billing, customized emailed receipts, custom customer id's/profiles, and QuickBooks plug-in support
  • A Large ticket terminal is available. For businesses routinely processing very large ticket transactions, you can get a price break by utilizing our large ticket virtual terminal.

Cash Advance

Need capital up front? Through DynaPay you can receive a business loan and pay it off with future credit card sales.

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