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    Industry Spotlight: Landscapers

    Payment gateway/mobile solution combos provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for landscaping companiesPayment gateways let you set up recurring payments for monthly/weekly accountsA mobile solution can save you money on interchange fees by accepting swiped or chip transactionsDynaPay has several solutions that gives you a choice on what fits your business bestDynaPay can save you up to 50% on your processing fees Landscaping companies offer two categories of service; the one-tim...  Read More...

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    Industry Spotlight: Veterinarians

    DynaPay can often integrate with the processing solution you are currently using to process your customers payments. This includes both machines and management software. Our team will help you find a solution that is the absolute best fit for your practice. DynaPay will educate you on the new EMV rules and regulations that your current software may not be up to speed with. Save up to 50% on your processing fees by switching to DynaPay. Call DynaPay to find out how you can sta...  Read More...

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    Industry Spotlight: Law Firms

    Payment gateways are typically the payment solution of choice for law firms. Ability to create multiple accounts to separate IOLTA and regular payments. Encrypt and save client cards on file for recurring business. Ability to email customer invoices. Add a payment button on your website to increase your accounts receivable each month. Call us with any questions or to open an account: 513-791-2134 Law firms have a variety of choices for collecting electronic payments...  Read More...

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    Contracts and Early Termination Fees

    Let’s talk credit card processing and contracts for a moment – this can be a sore subject for some businesses. When I speak with merchants, I frequently hear about ‘X’ amount of time remaining on a one-, three-, or even five-year contract. The penalties for getting out of a merchant account contract can vary, be it a flat fee in the hundreds of dollars, paying off the monthly fees on the life of the contract, or paying a percentage of the revenue your processor stands to ...  Read More...

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    Tax Season is Over, Rate Review Season is Starting?!

    During the first quarter of the year, a lot of merchants prefer to wait until tax season is over before they are willing to take a look at what they are paying in processing fees. While I don’t know if the timing really matters or it’s just a way to not add another task to the plate, there is a benefit to exploring your fees directly after you file your taxes. You should have all of your expenses tallied up as well as having a W-9 showing all of your processing sales numbers.   Read More...

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