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    Check Deposit and Check Guarantee

    Check Deposit and Check Guarantee is a specialty product that is not right for everyone. Check Guarantee can be an expensive option for merchants but under the right circumstance it is a powerful tool to utilize. First the check deposit feature. It needs a check reader or imager to function.   Read More...

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    Point of Sale Systems

    From a merchant standpoint, there is a lot of information to look into when selecting a point of sale solution. Essentially this software is going to be a major component of your daily operations. They offer everything from customizing your product to inventory management, employee management, sales figures and other useful operational statistics.   Read More...

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    Payment Gateways

    Payment Gateways work for merchants in two main ways.They can be used as virtual terminals, where the merchant logs onto a secure website URL and runs daily credit card transactions.The other way is that they work as a gateway from a merchant’s website, point-of-sale solution, office software or mobile solution to the bank.They are essentially the payment piece doing all of the work while maintaining security for payments flowing through software. These two methods cover a ton of ground wh...  Read More...

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    Mobile Solutions

    Accepting payments through mobile phones has become more and more popular. The mobile phone has become a centerpiece of everyday life. The mobile payments solutions become very advantageous to certain types of businesses.   Read More...

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    Counter Top Terminal

    Probably the most common form of capturing credit card payments is the counter top terminal. Counter top terminals are most commonly used in retail, brick and mortar businesses setups. As of this blog post, it has been almost two years since the deadline (October 2015) to switch over to EMV capable credit card terminals.   Read More...

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