Probably the most common form of capturing credit card payments is the counter top terminal. Counter top terminals are most commonly used in retail, brick and mortar businesses setups. As of this blog post, it has been almost two years since the deadline (October 2015) to switch over to EMV capable credit card terminals. So, most counter top terminals should accept EMV (Smartchip) credit cards. If your business, or someone you know, has a business that does not have a method of capturing payments through by way of the EMV chips yet, it’s something they need to consider doing sooner than later. The most notable reason is that they forfeit their chargeback rights. Some processors charge penalty fees as well, but these can pale in comparison to a possible chargeback nightmare.

While there are many different versions of desktop terminals out on the market, the two main terminals that DynaPay deploys are the Verifone VX520 and the Ingenico ICT220.

These counter top terminals can run on internet or phone lines, are EMV capable, and both have internal pin pads or the option for external pin pads that can be attached. They are two of the most reliable and user friendly machines on the market. They  can also be very cost effective options for businesses to process credit card payments, as neither SHOULD be particularly expensive to purchase. Should a merchant not want to buy one in a single payment, DynaPay offers payment plans (NOT TERMINAL LEASES) to make things even more flexible for our merchants.

One last thing to think about when purchasing a new counter top terminal is whether you want a contactless EMV terminal that can accept payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Not all businesses will want or need a contactless counter top terminal. However, the price difference isn’t very drastic and the amount of consumers using their smart phones for payment is on the rise. This gives your business one more cutting edge way to accept payment form your customers. Something this small may give you a slight edge with the younger demographic that is using this feature more and more.


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