E-commerce websites can be a whole sector of credit card processing that most ISO’s and processors avoid. The idea of working with websites and code can can cause companies and sales agents to just ignore the sector completely. At DynaPay we love working with e-commerce companies. We go out of our way to keep the one of communication open and clear with your companies web developer.

All transactions run on websites whether it be strictly e-commerce or a Pay Now button, are considered keyed in transactions. These transactions have a higher probability of having a fraudulent charge or two throughout the course of business. For this reason the card issuers increase the rate a little compared to face to face transactions. Processing companies also come in and increase the rate as well. It is for this reason that there is often times a lot of room for savings. DynaPay wants to provide you with that savings!

Companies wanting e-commerce sites can host their own page or can have a third party host their e-commerce page for them. These third party companies may have a preferred processor or even a proprietary system to just one credit card processor. Its a good idea to do your do-diligence to find this out before your chose your e-commerce method. We laid out the many products we offer in our payment gateway blog. these gateways can connect your merchant account with your e-commerce website shopping cart. We have the ability to integrate with many, many different products. If you went a different route and had a web developer design your checkout page, we have the ability to connect your account to your checkout page.

If you just give us the name of your web developer or the product that you use, we can more often than not do all of the research to verify the compatibility between your webpage and our processing. This saves you valuable time and lets you focus on what you are good at, your business!


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