Payment Gateways work for merchants in two main ways.

  • They can be used as virtual terminals, where the merchant logs onto a secure website URL and runs daily credit card transactions.
  • The other way is that they work as a gateway from a merchant’s website, point-of-sale solution, office software or mobile solution to the bank.

They are essentially the payment piece doing all of the work while maintaining security for payments flowing through software. These two methods cover a ton of ground when you really think about it. Every piece of software or website needs a gateway to function. There are hundreds if not several thousand different types of software for every type of business you can think about

DynaPay makes it a point to strategically partner with several different gateways. This gives us a larger exposure to software on the market and in turn lets us help more clients. We always want to give you options so that you get the best product for you, not just the only product we have to offer. This lets us be very competitive with price as well. Some of the payment gateways we resell are; Transaction Express,, Forte, USAePay, PayTrace, 3 Delta.

Payment gateways have some feature that can be beneficial to certain types of merchants. The most common is the recurring payment feature. You can create a customer profile, store a card number and then create a recurring payment schedule for this customer. This is great for memberships and payment plans.

Also, there are gateways that have large ticket pricing. This is great for merchants that frequently (at least 4-5 per year) accept transactions over $5000.00. Larger ticket pricing provides a flat upfront fee and then a highly reduced percentage. This provides a lower price for the merchant on large sales. We recommend a thorough look into whether it makes sense for the merchant as large ticket payment gateways often are more expensive than other payment gateways.

Most payment gateways also have excellent reporting tools. You can easily sort through months of transactions to get the report you need. They often have very user friend refunding and voiding features associated with the reporting.

Like all credit card processing payment pieces, it’s important to find out the needs of the merchant first, and then get them the most cost effective and efficient solution.



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