From a merchant standpoint, there is a lot of information to look into when selecting a point of sale solution. Essentially this software is going to be a major component of your daily operations. They offer everything from customizing your product to inventory management, employee management, sales figures and other useful operational statistics. Now with the influx of cloud based systems, merchants are unsure whether to go down that path or stick with the traditional hardware heavy computer systems. Cloud based systems come with less upfront equipment costs, but bring with them monthly subscriptions. These subscriptions seem to continuously rise. The older style systems come with large up-front equipment costs and can also have monthly service fees as well. It’s evident that no matter which way you go you are making a substantial time and money investment. That’s why we recommend doing your homework. Take some time to actually test the systems by getting free demos.

Most of the systems really have the same features with minute differences here and there. Look, feel and ease of use many times come down to the main decision points. One of the newer features showcased in the cloud based systems, is the merchant dashboard. It allows the owner to log in and track sales and progress from any place that you have internet access.

DynaPay, like other processing solutions, continues to build our reseller library. We want to be part of the sales process and continue to help the client with servicing and questions. By offering more products, the customer ultimately benefits. We also will try to help guide you with whether you really need a point of sale system or not. Typically, restaurants and some retail type shops have needs that require a point of sale solutions

Currently we are reselling these systems; Touch Bistro, Process Now Register, Talech and Shopkeep. We have many payment gateways that will integrate our processing into many solutions that we don’t have a reselling or referral agreement with. If we don’t resell it, we will research it and help educate you accordingly. A major factor in us helping you find a system is that we tend to give higher marks to systems that are open to many processors as opposed to proprietary point of sale systems. This gives you some leverage when other processors raise your processing fees because you can’t switch systems and upend your business on any moments notice.

Further information will be given on fee structure, benefits of the cloud based systems and other pertinent info to help you make an informed decision in future posts.


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