What does high risk processing mean? Is my business considered high risk? Let’s dive into the world of high risk processing.

Certain business types and models are considered high risk by the risk departments of processing companies. This isn’t a personal label to your specific business. The high risk label is more of a statistics conclusion that your type of business has shown to have a higher probability of chargebacks. Things that can cause this are:

  • Very high non-face-to-face transactions
  • Future delivery of products or services that is longer than 30 days
  • Large average ticket amounts
  • Extremely high average annual volume
  • Certain MCC codes that have been labeled high risk.

DynaPay has partnered with a National Merchants Association,  for our high risk processing merchants. If anyone can get you approved, their acquiring bank, Merrick, can.

Full disclosure, higher risk merchant’s do pay more in their fees than those who are not labeled high risk. DynaPay works to keep those fees as low as we can. The risk departments take on risk as well by boarding high risk merchants and therefore try to lower their risk by offsetting it with fees and do-diligence that cause fees to be little higher.

If you’ve been turned down from having a merchant account or think that your fees are just way too high because you are with another high risk processor, we want to talk to you! Let us apply our same high moral standards to your business and help you out.


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