Merchant services, credit card processing, compliance and many more similar terms are all associated with a negative sales culture attached to the payment processing industry. There’s no shortage of negative stories from businesses talking about how they were “tricked” or “talked into something they didn’t need.” Once the merchant has signed an application the sales person disappears into the sunset to never be seen or heard from again. The only thing left to prove they even existed at all is a 1-800 number and a large monthly bill. If you feel duped or uncomfortable, chances are you aren’t dealing with a company that is doing things with your best interest in mind. And, there’s a high probability that you’re stuck in a contract with these people.

 At DynaPay we have a very educational process about our sale process as well as offering you CHOICES in what you can use to process. DynaPay is very careful to provide FEEDBACK to the merchant about their current pricing. We will give you a direct comparison of what you are paying now and how much you would be paying if you were with DynaPay that month. We EXPLAIN your product options and give you some pros and cons as to what the product offers and what you feel you need it to do. We will WORK WITH YOU on pricing of purchasing equipment if you need payment plans. We want you to decide what works for you! Once you are a client we offer multiple points of contact so that you can reach us anytime. We do all of the things processors should already be doing and more!


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