• A mobile solution can save you money on the interchange fees you pay by swiping or inserting the customers card rather than keying it in
  • Mobile solutions are cheaper than desktop terminals kept in your office
  • DynaPay will help you find the best solution for your business's needs
  • Save up to 50% on your processing fees by switching to DynaPay

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Credit card processing for the professional service industry is unique due to the fact that service and payment is rendered at the client location rather than the business location.

Many owners and workers we’ve come across have told us that their method of credit card payment is to phone the card number into the office or to write it down and take it back to the office. Either way the transaction ends up getting keyed into their processing solution. Not only is this a PCI Compliance issue because it increases the risk of your customer’s credit card info being stolen, it also increases your interchange cost and often times the cost from your processor as well! While it is a solution that works, it’s definitely not the best and safest solution. If you must continue using this method, DynaPay’s interchange plus pricing doesn’t result in an up-charge from us for keying in the transaction.

DynaPay’s best solution to this issue is to set our service industry clients up with mobile processing. Mobile processing can be done on a smart phone or tablet.

  • You can insert or swipe cards in the mobile reader lowering your risk.
  • You will receive lower interchange prices from the card issuers.
  • Mobile swipers are cheaper than desktop terminals.
  • You will also have a payment gateway attached to the mobile application in which you can set clients up for recurring transactions. This can be used for service agreements and payment plans.

We will always try to give our clients the best solution possible based on their needs and not ours. We have several mobile processing solutions for you to choose from based on your own need criteria. We’d love to sit down and figure out how we can help you process transactions more cost effectively and efficiently!

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