• Payment gateway/mobile solution combos provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for landscaping companies
  • Payment gateways let you set up recurring payments for monthly/weekly accounts
  • A mobile solution can save you money on interchange fees by accepting swiped or chip transactions
  • DynaPay has several solutions that gives you a choice on what fits your business best
  • DynaPay can save you up to 50% on your processing fees

Landscaping companies offer two categories of service; the one-time project and monthly/weekly service for lawns. These two types of projects set up perfectly for a mobile and payment gateway solution.

The monthly/weekly service can be set up for recurring billing. This makes the payment collection task extremely efficient. You don’t need to schedule times that the client is home or call to track down a credit card number for payment. The gateway will bill the card on file at any interval you set up.

For one-time projects the mobile solution can work to your advantage by keeping your interchange rates lower and letting you run a more secure payment. One-time projects can vary from small to large, but the interchange savings on larger, expensive projects can be quite noticeable when performing a card present transaction over a card not present one. Accepting an EMV chip and collecting the signature is cheaper and is statistically safer than keying in a transaction, especially when accepting payment from first time clients.

 DynaPay has several payment gateways that offer free mobile solutions to go with the gateways. This gives you the merchant a choice in which solution fits your business best. With one of the products there is also an option to email invoice links to customers and have them pay via secure link. All of our solutions also offer a free pay now button that can be added to your website. This offers you yet another way to collect payment and make it more convenient for the customer to pay their invoice.


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