• Payment gateways are typically the payment solution of choice for law firms. 
  • Ability to create multiple accounts to separate IOLTA and regular payments. 
  • Encrypt and save client cards on file for recurring business. 
  • Ability to email customer invoices. 
  • Add a payment button on your website to increase your accounts receivable each month. 

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Law firms have a variety of choices for collecting electronic payments. Typically, we find that payment gateways are the best solution for these firms because of their dynamic options. You can run a single payment, set up a recurring payment, send out pay invoice links, and even place a payment button on your website. Clients of law firms often become repeat customers, utilizing several of the services offered by the organization. One of the strengths of the payment gateway is that it can securely save encrypted payment information – thus eliminating the need for the client to input billing information each time and creating a more efficient payment process.

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Another viable option for law firms is a counter-top terminal, which can work as a stand-alone or conjointly with a payment gateway. These are great for accepting card present transactions in the office – no logins or client profile creation needed. In our opinion, this is the quickest and easiest payment option. By using one of our Verifone or Ingenico terminals, you can accept EMV card present transactions to keep your interchange expenses lower.

IOLTA accounts are an aspect of payment collection specific to law firms. If your firm wants the ability to deposit funds into a normal checking account and/or an IOLTA account – we can give you a second merchant ID to do just that. If you have a counter-top terminal, we can have both accounts loaded into one machine which makes it easy to choose the account for any given transaction.

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