• DynaPay can often integrate with whatever method your are currently using to process your customers payments
  • Our team will help you find a solution that is the absolute best fit for your practice
  • DynaPay will educate you on the new EMV rules and regulations your current software may not be up to speed with
  • Save up to 50% on your processing fees by switching to DynaPay

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DynaPay has helped out more health care providers than any other business category out there. Whether you are a family doctor, specialist, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, or any other heath related specialty, we know how to help. Our experience with health care providers has given us a vast knowledge of what the most efficient and cost effective ways are to accept credit cards for your practice.

Typically, the big differentiator between practices is whether you run cards through a machine, payment gateway or office management software. DynaPay’s many reselling partnerships give us a wide array of options to integrate into lots of practice management software products while providing you with our pricing and customer service. Our payment gateway relationships let us offer you a choice of different products, so that you can address what is best for you. You can decide whether price, functionality, or a combination of both is the most important factor for your processing needs. We will also educate you on the new EMV rules that exist and put you at risk for losing chargeback claims. A lot of the payment gateways and practice management software options do not currently have EMV solutions and at the very least you need to be aware of the rules and what the risk is for your practice.

If you choose to use a countertop terminal instead, we have reasonable pricing for our equipment. We will NOT tie you into a terminal lease that makes no sense. We can often times reprogram or swap out your existing terminals at no cost.

We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about DynaPay or your current processing situation. One conversation might bring to light some of the shortcomings of your current processing relationship.

Call us today for more information!  513-791-2134


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