• Save up to 50% on your restaurant’s processing fees by switching to DynaPay
  • 100’s of different point of sale options to best fit your restaurant’s needs
  • DynaPay will help narrow down your POS selection based on your restaurant’s needs
  • DynaPay can often integrate with your current point of sale solution
  • We will be there every step of the way to make your switch to DynaPay seamless and painless
  • DynaPay’s customer service is 2nd to none. You will have our personal cell numbers should you need us, including evenings and weekends.


Compared to other industries, restaurants usually require more attention to detail and have vastly different factors when deciding what the best processing solution is for them. Typically, with restaurants the processing solution either takes care of just the credit cards sales or it can take on several additional roles such as inventory management, employee management, order completion and more. The solution to these functions range from a simple counter top terminal to an all-encompassing point of sale system.

Our point-of-sale solution blog touches on our philosophy for offering up a selection to merchants. No matter what type of restaurant you own we have a solution that can fit your business model. Every business owner has their own preferences and priorities when it comes to running their restaurant. We can help you navigate through the sea of systems and match you up to one that covers all of your bases. If you like your current system, most of the time we can integrate with it through a payment gateway that lets you keep your current point of sale system and makes the switch easy and seamless.

Part of having customer service as a top priority, means that we help you through the entire process. We will be there every step of the way for demos, selection, installation and processing if you want us to be. We offer multiple points of contact and will answer calls, even on nights and weekends. Is that the kind of relationship you have with your current payment processor?

Once you have a system you love, you can match it with DynaPay’s payment processing. The savings you receive on your processing fees from DynaPay often offset some or all the costs associated with the processing solution you choose. We won’t raise your rates, we won’t lock you in a contract, and we listen to you to find the best fit for your business’s processing needs. There can be a lot of decisions to make when selecting the right solution for your restaurant. We want choosing DynaPay to be the easiest one you make!



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